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The integrated ventilation system is a flexible assembly of components consisting of induced air distribution UVGI module, dedicated return air EPS module, and other controls needed to make a complete system to meet all of the indoor air quality requirements for a healthy and productivity environment. It is designed to address all of the concerns of IAQ, energy efficiency, simplified maintenance, and reliability.

The IAQC system combined the leading-edge technologies, each with specific air treatment tasks, then factory assembled to form a compact, inline, drop-in unit. The basic components of the system consist of a proprietary photo catalytic filter module, medically proven germicidal UVC system, patented electrodynamic carbon processor. The IAQC system is a 100% air treatment system that provides efficient air purification, effective sterilization, all of the oxygen enriched air for the building envelope served and total energy recovery of the building exhaust air.




Effective air ventilation for pollution control, cooling and heat recovery is a vital part of modern commercial / industrial processes. ASPIRO™ advanced solutions are constantly evolving to provide customers with the most practical, safe and cost effective solution.

Indoor Air Quality

ASPIRO™ IAQC system makes building environments safer and healthier for people at work, or at leisure.

  • Provides reliable, high efficiency ventilation for better comfort and health.

  • Improves air quality by removing harmful and irritating airborne hazards from the air.

  • Controls fungi in HVAC systems to eliminate mold-related allergens.

  • Eliminates the development of legionella and other bacteria as well as to provide a recognized control strategy for tubercle bacilli (tuberculosis).

  • Eliminates smoke, odors and VOCs.

  • Replenishes the oxygen and bring a "fresh air" into the indoor air.

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