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ASPIRO Group is a dynamic manufacturing, marketing, and R&D company.

Since 1993 our products have been distributed internationally to 10 countries on an OEM basis through wholesale, directly through the group's subsidiaries and franchise companies.

We employ over 250 people at our offices in the Malaysia, Hong Kong, Macau, Philippines, USA, UK, and at our manufacturing facilities in China.


 " transform the way people interact with their environments by providing inspirational IEQ solutions.  "


" we believe through superior products and services together with WOW! experiences, we can lead the IEQ market "


Specializing in IEQ for the worldwide market we sell over 200 products, including ventilation, exhaust system, solar energy, LED lighting, and rain harvesting system designated for a wide range of applications and target markets:

Domestic, Commercial, Industrial, Hospitality, and Medical.



" Passionate about IEQ. "

ASPIRO Group is proud to introduce the ASPIRO™ Indoor Air Quality & Control System. This system combines our patented Purification, Sterilization & Sanitation technologies to offer superior indoor air quality, higher security and savings, and better energy efficiency, without the costly maintenance.

Benefits of the ASPIRO™ Indoor Air Quality & Control System for favorable environment :


  • Purify and sterilizes all of the ventilation air removing 99% of all particles and microorganisms.

  • ASPIRO™ kill all Virus (Swine Flu, Common Flu, Winter Vomiting Bug, Airborne MRSA, etc.)

  • ASPIRO™ Control smoke and odor and avoid expensive refurnishments and repairs.

  • Positive control of humidity in the building to not exceed 55% relative humidity thus reducing the possibility of mold growth and improving comfort conditions.

  • No cross contamination of air from room to room.

  • Increase ventilation effectiveness.

  • Maximize economizer cycle.

  • Removes Harmful Allergens from the air.

  • Huge savings on energy and maintenance bills

  • Reduced wall and roof penetrators improve the integrity of the building envelope.

  • Uses less energy and earns green building design points.

  • Accomplished the improvement of the IAQ to ASHRAE Standards 62 - 2016.


The ASPIRO™ IAQC System treats stale, contaminated, conditioned room air and exchanges it with clean healthy air, recovering up to 75% energy from HVAC system which purified and sterilized the stale, conditioned air. During this process, the dust particles, odors and micro-organisms from the incoming return air, which is used for re-circulation are eliminated. 

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