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Process of cleansing an object or substances to remove contaminants such as microorganism or hazardous materials, including chemicals and infectious disease.
Its purpose is to prevent the spread of microorganism and other noxious contaminants that may threaten the health of human beings or damage the environment
It’s our protocol that before proceeding to any process of disinfection and decontamination we test for the presence microorganisms, we will be performing pre and post Bacterial Identification and count or ATP Test on the area. Pre bacterial identification and count is recommended to know the amount or level of microorganism present in the area and Post bacterial  identification and count to assess the effectiveness of the disinfection and decontamination that we perform.
is one key indicator in the field of hygiene management. It indicated how many organisms are present in a sample. It is measured by bacterial growth in a petri dish or using or a machine giving you the advantage of knowing microbial levels on the same day samples.
is a process of rapidly measuring actively growing microorganisms through detection of adenosine triphosphate, or ATP
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